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We'll start 2014 with more budget battles
...We're heading to Jan-2014 wall on Obama budget ...

WASHINGTON D.C.--If Obama survives credibility destruction of the crumbled launch of his "O-Care" then the magic lantern must be still lit. He is reeling from a crisis in global credibility after being caught monitoring German Chancellor own cell phone. What next? The list is long, including a battle royal on immigration policy that could wreck his Halloween. Grumbling Democrats are now realizing these battles are blowing up in their own face. No longer is it possible to just "blame Republicans" for any rat running across the yard of the White House, too many trails lead back to the President's own feet. His cabinet and cronies have let him down, and no doubt will open endless House inquiry, and even mixed panel including Democrats. How this impacts 2014 "Mid-terms" will be the theatre of the ridiculous ahead. How fun for all the pundits and Puzzlers who swarm the Beltway. Independent Journalism is so hard to find, only a scant few Internet investigators Tweet a little truth these days. Spin has burnt up most of the bearings of our Democratic "Fourth Estate". Perhaps Freedom of the Press is the real first casualty of Socialism emergence in America.

(Robert Miller-Editor of Country Roads Network)

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