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2012 Shows Promise Fun Forums Despite Recession
Shows and events have usually been barometers of economies. Perhaps this coming year of major events will have more light to shed on this phenomena of mankind "gatherings" that seem so innate. Most societies of the world have their versions, and Showgo has been highlighting many of these for 16 years. No other Portal has focused on this territory as we have. We expect to attend dozens of major events and bring highlights to you on The Country Roads Network in 2012.

We love big expensive car shows. A group of them occur early in the year, none more impressive than the Barrett-Jackson show in Scottsdale, Arizona. This year it kicks off after the BCS College Football final paring, also in the "Valley of Sun" over at Glendale's University of Phoenix stadium. This editor spent a year in graduate school with this University, and pioneered digital media, animation and digital television in Phoenix from 1994 to 2000 with Jamaica Bay Post. We love being early if not first. Certainly we were very early in this media, much as our online work has been. We were so early in digital television we had to write software to run the equipment, and our schemes developed the first useful "switchable on air" platform to converge digital and analog signals for sports and entertainment. We were knocked off by such players as FOX, after they edited in our pioneering suite. We worked for about anyone important in Infomercial pioneering, and our templates predicted many followers who saw it first with our set of companies. We've been laughed at, poked on, played with, enjoyed and read for longer than any other continuously developing digital media group. We're still at it, and Showgo is still one of our most fun platforms. We recently had a buyer group attempt once again to "take us over". We rebuffed the idea, and are back at our core philosophy, once you sell anything for money it's not yours, and progress stops. No longer will you see fearless efforts, only template mongering to wring money out of short-lived plays. My core philosophy of life is "some things should not be for sale, not ever not even..." to play with the language. My wife is always there to remind me of all the passed on sales, but I always laugh and say "I'm still here and so is our network, where do you think it would be if sold?"

Now you know the story behind why we pursue such work as going to shows and innovative gatherings of many kinds. Stay tuned for some exciting and eye opening coverage of fun, funky and forecasting events and shows. (Robert Miller, Executive Editor)

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